You know what the most Beautiful Body is?

“I’m not my ideal weight so I’m not going to buy clothes until I lose the extra 10 (20, 30, 40…lbs).“

I get it.

You’re not where you think you should be, so why buy clothes that won’t fit?

Self-love and self acceptance are present tense words.

They happen now.

They are active words that occur now.

Right now.

You know what the most beautiful body is?

  • The one that is taken care of.
  • The one that is honored and considered.
  • The one that is praised.
  • The one that is loved.

So let’s buy clothes to fit your current body.
Let’s ask it what it feels the best wearing? Let’s love where we are.

And my gosh, no matter the size, we get to be beautiful, self-expressed and style-y.

Ready to identify and unleash your personal style?

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