How does spending money on yourself make you feel?

I’ve been doing serious deep dive training/re-training around my money beliefs.

For some, money is a taboo topic–something to avoid talking about. And because I’ve been fairly successful up to this point, I thought I was pretty good (hint: nope).

But then I started to notice a few things:

1. Anytime I would spend money on myself I’d feel super nervous and anxious–no matter what it was. <—-This is INSANE considering I’m such a proponent of self-care and buying QUALITY things that you love…but it’s true. And never mind that I DO spend money on myself–I just always felt bad doing it.

2. Anytime I would have to ask for payments from clients, I would get SUPER nervous. Like knot in my stomach, forcing myself to send invoices. I felt BAD for people having to pay me…can you imagine the impact this has had? And I would feel a sense that I actually wasn’t worth what I’m charging, even if they RAVED about how much I changed their lives. (Ugh…writing this is so painful)

3. I ALWAYS felt like we didn’t have enough money. This sounds absolutely crazy, I know, but beliefs are funny…they can create a world that is pretty limiting. Like even at the grocery store, I’d feel bad for buying expensive honey…or quality eggs. I’d do it, but I’d feel so much guilt.

The even crazier thing?

I’m actually really good at making money and creating wealth. I have been starting business and making money since I was FIVE YEARS OLD–selling homemade potpourri door-to-door. (I was v. cute. I had a rusty wagon and a teal outfit that I had made from fabric and yarn…oh the creativity!).

The exploration of these beliefs has been completely mind opening.

We all have these beliefs around money that we think are THE  ABSOLUTE TRUTH.


They’re not.


They get to be re-written.

A few for me that I’m letting go of:

1.”Smart people never go into debt.” >>New belief: Smart people use debt wisely to grow and scale.

2. “I can never make as much money as I want because I did not go to an IV League school” (this is such a funny one, but some of these beliefs are funny!!) >>>I am smart and creative and will make as much money as I want, despite my level of education.

3. If I make too much money, I will be super bitchy and people won’t like me >>>When I make money, I have more power and resources to help people.

Little Elissa gets to be creative and grow business and make as much money as her little heart desires. Because when she makes money, she has so much fun and so much ability to BLESS those around her.

Oh life, it’s pretty fun.

Oh, and the irony is NOT LOST ON ME that my bff is a money teacher. HA!!!!!! (I thank the good sweet Lord for @xoamandafrances )

I would LOVE to hear some of your beliefs (old or new) around money!

Ready to identify and unleash your personal style?

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