Seven Questions I ask Myself to Shift Energy and Get Back Into Alignment

Alignment: When your purpose, actions, and words are all in sync.

You’re bringing your calling to the world, you’re self-expressed. You care more about your truth than the thoughts of others.

In this place you’re magnetic. You’re focused on your purpose. People are drawn to those living out their truth.

Have you noticed that?

When I’m out of alignment I feel fearful, grumpy, and not quite like myself. I feel stifled—and it takes some mental work to get back. To figure out where I’m off, where I’m triggered, what I need to shift.

I have to feel into it.

And best way to get back is to ask myself questions and journal about them. These are the questions I use.

Seven Questions I ask Myself to Shift Energy and Get Back Into Alignment:

  1. Where am I not being authentic?
  2. Authentic in my feelings?
  3. Authentic in my actions?
  4. What am I not saying that needs to be said?
  5. Where am I out of integrity? (My definition of integrity: doing what you say you’re going to do, or communicating that you’re not going to do it.)
  6. Am I hiding?
  7. God, what would you have me know today?

When I identify something that isn’t flowing, I am able to acknowledge what’s stuck and shift. I am able to clean up what I need to clean up and lead with authenticity.7 questions to ask yourself to get back into alignment

Ready to identify and unleash your personal style?

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