I don’t have a pretty way to say this–so here it goes–Failure means nothing. It’s just a scary word for saying that something didn’t work out, you learned, or you tried something.

So–here are my top failures of 2017. And, I would 100% LOVE to hear yours. So comment on up at the bottom, or on the Facebooks on or in the Instagrams. I want to hear, my dears!


I was with a company for on and off for about eight years. And towards the end, it was very clear that it was time to move on…but I held on about six months too long. I was working full time AND running Styled by E. —it was all just too much—something had to give. And to be honest, I let my work as a Visual Merchandising Manager slip. I prioritized my business, which put some of my colleagues in a tough spot. It was messy when I quit. I hurt some feelings. Did I learn a ton? YEP! And was it the right decision, 100%. But some would say it was a failure


This one is so embarrassing for me. I was super excited about the VIP Styling event in December in partnership with Nordstrom. But the day before the event, we evacuated our house.  So I canceled the event. I completely failed. And guess what? I’m OK!!! It has a magical way of working out.


2017 was supposed to be the year that I’ve got the best body ever. Well that did not happen. I actually ended up gaining weight, being stressed out and not fulilling on that promise to myself. I think I maybe exercised in a real workout class 15 times all year long. Yep. Fail. 🙂


Oh my gosh this one is painful! For the Fall Wardrobe Reset in September, I invested in Facebook Ads as part of my marketing strategy. I knew that I wanted to fill the wardrobe reset and I LOVED my video. I was sure some ads would help—well….$700 later I had a whole bunch of leads… But not one single one converted.


This one is painful too. I partnered with an ethical clothing company into 2017 and part of the agreement was that I was going to take pictures in one of their dresses and post it. Well… That did not happen. The dress didn’t fit and I didn’t post it. And instead of the back and forth of getting a new size, I really quite literally dropped the ball.


In starting 2017 I knew it was going to be a big year. So I set some goals that would reflect that. Let me just tell you that I did not hit my financial goal of 2017. Did I learn along the way hell yes. Am I making money passively like I wanted to? Nope. Am I on the right track? Yep. I sure am. I still failed to hit that mark.


Throughout college I worked my ass off and attended a community college for the first two years—basically, I did all these things to graduate with almost no debt. I drove a little civic for most of my adult life and a NEVER (heaven forbid! *insert sarcasm*) had credit card debt. This year was different. I bought a car. I expanded my business (actually, I should mention, both my husband and I have expanded our businesses like crazy this year). And now for the first time, I will probably have some credit card debt. I’m learning. But oh my gosh, this would be an UTTER failure for me two years ago.




The story doesn’t stop here, my friends. These “failures” are actually not failures at all. They are lessons, they are growth, they are trying things that didn’t work out, they are investing, they are learning to trust myself.

What is also hidden in these failures is a crazy amount of successes. I quit my job—while it was a messy process—I gained freedom AND a business/life that is so insanely satisfying, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I took on debt—and I drive my favorite thing in the entire world (my car that I’m obsessed with and thank God for every day). I took on more business expenses—and I hired the most amazing coach ever.

Do I regret this purchase? NOPE! Best decision ever. I drive around in luxury and feel endlessly happy.


So my friends, here’s to failing more. To trusting yourself more. To saying yes. To letting go of self-judgement and embracing our failures are opportunities to learn.

All the love in the world,

Elissa <3

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  • Chloe says:

    Elissa, this just made me insanely happy. I’ve been following you for around 6 months now and I love every. single. post. 2017 was insanely difficult for me, but the best year too; I failed at getting into nursing school, was literally rejected by 6 schools. So I took a chance and chased my dream school and decided that a fun year pursuing a minor was worth the outrageous debt it is accruing. Yes I failed, but I gained amazing friends and was taught by some pretty incredible teachers in subjects I thought I would never get the opportunity to learn if I had gotten in and crammed college into 4 years.
    I moved 10.5 hours away (750 miles) from home and was so homesick my back went out right after moving. I shocked myself when I dealt with the pain and relied on my strength to get me through the incredible tough times of not being near my parents.
    I travelled to Mexico on my own and with my own money (that I’m still paying back) to visit my best friend. It was incredible and has fueled my heart into wanting to travel everywhere. I went to a country where I barely spoke the language, but the humanity and kindness I witnessed there completely restored my faith in people.
    I conquered my goal of losing weight and learning to love (most days) going to the gym.
    I also rose to the occasion and got myself a job in clothing retail at a little boutique that I absolutely love.
    I have failed to keep a second job and financially support all my bills this year, but I have gained the opportunity to meet people and learn of businesses I would never have known about if I had not lost my job. I have gained the upmost love and appreciation for the small ways my parents support me and love me through this journey.
    Thank you for the platform to share my true thoughts on how 2017 went for me. I will continue to follow your journey and be encouraged to just keep doing and moving towards my dreams.

  • Elissa says:

    Emily, thank you SOOOO much for sharing. First of all, I just want to encourage you. You got this 100%. You are learning so much. And it sounds like you’ve had some pretty serious learns this year! I can’t wait to see how you continue to follow your passions. It will all unfold so beautifully.

  • Candice A says:

    Your post has generated a lot of reflection for me. 2017 was the shitiest year of my life, but it overflowed with wisdom from lessons learned and unreal experiences. I will hold these insights gained for the rest of my life. I was surprised at the short list of failures I came up with, but maybe that’s because I spent most of the year in bed. My most recent failure was completely breaking down and crying in front of my class my first week teaching. I HATED that. But it brought unity and my students opened up to me about their lives. Lots of trust there, lots of goodness. Failures are good, they are ok. Fabulous post dear E.

    • Elissa says:

      I bet your class felt so much connection with you! Failure. It’s just growth. It sounds like you had a TON of growth this year. Love you, my dear.

  • Awesome authentic post. Really enjoyed your voice in this. Keep up fhe good work! And being yourself ✌🏼

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