Yes, THAT.

That next break through.
That next income goal.
That next level of influence.

You were MADE to be of massive service to the world and you know it. You have ambition and vision and you’re ready. You’re not fucking holding back.

You. Want. It. All.
Because you know that as you rise, you allow those around you to do the same.

You’ve been craving a space to grow and expand and be EXACTLY the leader you are meant to be. Because you know in your heart-of-hearts that the time is now.

You’re ready to rise the fuck up, ready to serve lavishly, ready to live and breathe abundance.
You’re ready for ascension on every level.
Welcome to the:
This is your group of soul sisters--the powerhouse girlfriends you always KNEW existed. The place your MASSIVE dreams are heard, seen, and supported.
This is for the woman who:
Is a heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneur who believes and knows she creates her own reality
Is ready to step into her QUEEN self and take a massive leap into abundance in her life and business
KNOWS she isn’t charging enough for her services and is ready to SCALE and know her worth
Is CRAVING support and is ready to surrender into being held by an amazing container of like-minded women
Wants to change the world in massive ways and live a life of abundance.
Because we know that there’s nothing spiritual about:
Thinking you need to do everything by yourself
Playing small with your dreams so you’re not “greedy” or “too much”
Settling for less than what you REALLY desire
There is 100% nothing like having the support of like-minded Queens who are going in the same direction – UP. There’s some sort of MAGIC that happens when a group of like-minded, spiritual women come together.

You will be empowered to go BIGGER than you’ve ever gone with the support of 10-15 like-minded women. 

You know that feeling where you’re in a room and FULLY FUCKING SUPPORTED?

You want to cry because you’ve been seen.
You’re known. 
You’re not too much. 
Your desires aren’t too much. 

They are heard, loved and nourished.

These are your people. 
Fellow Queens. Fellow rulers. Fellow women who get it.
We begin on September 7th

Calls will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11am PST (we'll vote in the group!)
3 Group Zoom calls/month with direct support and guidance
3 Day Luxury Group Retreat in Palm Springs!
1 private 90-minute intensive with Elissa
3 months of Unlimited Voxer support with Elissa
Facebook Community Support
3 Group Zoom calls/month with direct support and guidance
3 Day Group Retreat in Palm Springs!
Facebook Community Support
3 Group Zoom calls/month with direct support and guidance
Facebook Community Support
BONUS for all levels signing up before August 27th:
1 60 minute 1:1 call with Elissa to use before we begin 
Elissa is the Queen of heart-centered personal styling. She is a style alchemist--mixing fashion, self-expression and a radical call to be your most evolved self to create a magical wardrobe that FEELS good. 

Through her coaching and trainings her clients experience freedom of self-expression, radical abundance and a FEELING like no other. They are home in their skin and empowered to FULLY embody their highest self.

Abundance follows Elissa wherever she goes, and she exists to elevate the consciousness of the planet through fun, flow and authenticity.