How to Dress Up A Kimono

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Kimonos…my true obsession! These pieces are great to dress up…and dress down. They are an easy third layer.

How to Dress Up a Kimono

Kimonos are seriously a true obsession of mine. They are SO versatile! Dress them up by wearing them over a dress–yes, you heard that right, a dress. This is a wear-to-work look. You can also wear this third layer over a pair of slacks and a silky camisole.

Here is the same kimono outfitted two different ways:

How to Dress Up a Kimono

This look works just as well with a long body con dress or a short body con dress!

And here’s the same kimono worn casually:

How to Wear a Kimono

A pair of cut-offs is a simple way to keep the look casual. You can easily swap these out for a pair of distressed denim.

How to Wear a Kimono

So very simple, easy and accessible–just how fashion should be! What do you think? You ready to create your own kimono outfit? Tag me on Instagram, or use the hashtag #selfexpressedstyle , I’d love to see!

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