When you wanna be comfortable and classy AF

Yoga pant alternatives

When you wanna be comfortable, but you also aren’t sure that wearing yoga pants for your seventh day in a row is…like…what you want. 😉

You see, there is nothing wrong with those comfortable spandex pieces of heaven. I definitely own my fair share of workout attire–and sometimes the workout attire even bleeds into an occasional Sunday brunch.


Here’s the thing, there’s a reason we call them yoga pants–because they were designed for yoga.

And more importantly, there are a HUNDRED other outfit options that will be COMFORTABLE, classy, and just as easy to throw on–promise.

So buckle up, dears, because I’m showing you five creative spandex alternatives that will make you feel like a goddess-rockstar-queen that you are.

1. Wide Legged Pants.

Yoga pant alternatives

It’s hard to go wrong with a good pair of wide-legged pants–ESPECIALLY if they have an elastic waistband. Like…WHAT?! You can easily treat silver as a neutral too…pair with a simple tee or a sweater as I have it here.

2. Maxi Dress

Yoga Pant Alternative

Ever have those days where you literally want NOTHING touching your stomach? Just me? Ok, well…I love a long dress for this very reason. Throw it on and you instantly look put together.

3. A Pair of Joggers

Yoga pant alternativ

I truly feel like joggers don’t get the attention they deserve. Like WHAT? They are EASY to wear–basically replace your yoga pants with a pair of joggers and you’re good to go! For a more elevated look, pair with a silky camisole and a pair of heals and you are good.to.go!!

4. An A-line Dress

Yoga Pant Alternative

Bonus if you dress it up with a kimono–my true love.

5. A pair of SPANX leggings!

Ok, so this is kind of cheating, but kind of not really. Spanx make the BEST most comfortable leggings–that can be EASILY dressed up. Hello dressed up athleisure!! 🙂

What are YOUR recommendations?? I’d love to hear!!



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