Five Ways to Self-Care

Stress levels have been high around here…like crazy high. In the last 6 weeks we have:

  1. Bought a house (2 actually! Hello glorious duplex!)
  2. Moved into one of houses above
  3. Quit a job (me!)
  4. Evacuated for the Thomas Fire
  5. Expanded BOTH of our business dramatically
  6. Traveled to 4 different states and 1 different country
  7. Bought a new car

So basically…I’m sitting here and I can barely think…and then I remembered all the changes and pressure that has occurred in the last month or so…and it all makes sense. Time to slow down.

Time to call in the stress kickers.

Time to self-care times a million.

And really, there are a few tricks that I have learned to manage stress and use it to grow and expand. I thought I’d share in case anyone else is feeling some of the same pressure.

Meditate (aka be quiet). 

Easier said than done, I might add. But honestly, going to a quiet spot and breathing helps SO MUCH. And if you’re not quite ready to sit and be totally quiet, a solo walk in nature works well too.

Get a massage. 

I have one booked for tomorrow. True confession: I go to a super inexpensive place in a shadier part of town (ok, it’s Santa Barbara, is there even a shady part of town??)…I digress. So my massage place is fabulous because it’s simple, feels good and I don’t worry one bit about booking 60 minutes of bliss.

Connect with a friend. 

Talking is nice. Process. No strings.

Eat clean. 

When I feel like sh*t, I tend to want to eat like sh*t. A.K.A. GIVE ME ALL THE COOKIES. But I have found if I just grab a green juice, eat some salad and salmon, I can usually get back on track. In high stress situations, food is so key.


Simple, right? Well….except when it’s the week after Christmas and you’ve been in your pajamas and you’re not sure WHERE your workout gear is and you think you might be allergic to sweating. I booked a Pilates class for tomorrow–no shoes required. I feel like I can at least commit to a workout that requires minimal gear.

I’ve found it’s MOST important to be super honest with where I am and what I need. I am happy 95% of the time. And when I’m not, I have to be authentic and be where I am. No pressure. No making myself wrong. No judgement. Just love. So much love for myself.

Here’s to you my dears. To being honest with where we are. And caring for ourselves with so much grace and compassion along the way.



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