Clarity Through Action

I got the funniest fortune last night at my last dinner in Austin.

It read: “What you need to learn, you will learn through doing.”

And it reminded me of how often I have sat around trying to, “figure out what I’m supposed to do”

You know how far that got me?

It got me a few ideas of what I think I might like doing.
But no real results, if I’m being honest.

And then I decided to take baby steps (like TOTAL baby steps) in the direction I thought seemed interesting.

And I gave up having to have it all figured out.
I gave up having to be perfect.

I surrendered to the process of:

  • Learning
  • Exploring
  • Doing

And it’s an ever evolving process. I’m still learning, expanding, growing.

Clarity through action!

Get out there.
Take a baby step.

You’ll learn through doing.
And there’s so much grace along the path.

Clarity Through Action

Clarity Through Action

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