You got this.

Life’s too short to wear clothes

you don’t love.

Identify Your Personal Style!

How good does it feel to walk outside when you love your outfit?

Really good. Euphoric even. That’s because the clothes we are are not just functional; they empower us to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin. After all, what can’t you do in the right outfit?

Hi! I'm Elissa.

I help you feel like the most powerful, aligned and fully self-expressed version of you in the clothes you wear every day.

You were made for greatness, let's get you dressed.

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The thing is that I'm completely committed to giving women the tools they need to have a closet they love. So whether it's an online course or an in-person styling session, there's a way to work together!

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“Since working with Elissa I have truly stepped into my femininity and sense of style. What a gift she has provided me! Before working with Elissa, I didn’t trust how to put clothes and accessories together, what colors and styles highlight my features, and wanted to run away from malls as it left me feeling overwhelmed with choices and no direction. If you can relate to my story, or even if you are already a master of style and just looking for some tips, tricks, and inspiration to enhance yourself, there is no doubt you will find transformation with Elissa. Don’t even hesitate to invest in this for yourself or as a gift for others. You will have a lifetime of good style, self expression, and full out stylish confidence. And not to mention, FUN!”

Dr. Elana Gelman Founder, Nourish Medical Center