Layering 101: How to Layer for the Perfect Look

By November 24, 2015Fashion

Like a cake, many of the best outfits have layers. Layering elevates your outfit from basic to chic fabulous. Here’s why:

  1. Layering makes you look extra polished. A sweater and jeans may be nice, but adding a button up underneath and the right accessories really takes it to the next level!
  2. It prepares you for any type of weather. If it’s cold in the morning, a jeans and long sleeve may work great. However, if it warms up in the middle of the day, you’re left feeling warm and uncomfortable. instead, wear a flowy tank with a cardigan and scarf. You can simply take off the scarf and cardigan as the days warms up.

Here are easy ways to layer for the perfect look.

Start with your basic layering staples.

As with any recipe, there are staple ingredients. I always recommend preparing an outfit with your 3 basic layers. Unless you’re wearing a dress, you’ll want to choose:

  • 1st: A seamless cami to put underneath everything. Like foundation, it’s a solid base layer.  
  • 2nd: A button down or flowy top.
  • 3rd layer: A top, warmer layer like a jacket, vest or sweater.

Pick your accessories.
Once you have selected your clothing layers, it’s time to look at accessories. Easy and fun ways to layer include adding:

  • A scarf
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings

I love encouraging women to have fun and get playful! If you have one short necklace and one long necklace that would go well together, you don’t have to choose one – throw on both of them! Layering necklaces is a great, easy way to add easy style.

(If you’re simply not sure what types of necklaces you would add, I have you covered. Here are the only 3 Necklaces You’ll Ever Need.)

Just remember this.

Layering is all about choosing fun pieces that play off one another. So just make sure to select pieces that accent your outfit, not take away from it. If you feel it’s too much or seems awkward, leave it off!